Opportunities in Tech

Opportunities in Tech.

As the world gradually evolves with its unique opportunities and challenges, the 21st century presents young people with unique opportunity to create solutions, solve problems and meet the need of our growing economies.

Technology represents an area that has alot of potential to create jobs, solve problems, and make life alot easier for humanity. Additionally, technology is no longer limited to ones geographical location giving us opportunity to interact professionally across global borders of business, geography, education and much more.

As the economy expands and improves, the demand for technology to provide support and even chart the course continues to grow as globally, the wealthiest nations have moved to information driven societies that depend on information to drive their service and manufacturing economies.

As part of our mentorship program to young people, especially in west africa (nigeria) the opportunities that technology provides are widespread requiring only a determination and will to take full advantage given the enabling environment.

In this release, we talk about a popular programming language Python. Python is a versatile and one of the most popular computer programming languages  used for a wide variety of use cases and problem domains. from web programming to machine learning, to block chain, python has a very simple syntax compared to C++ and Java.

The opportunities abound for one with python knowledge and skill ranging from web application developer,  data analysts and data scientist in the area of data science.

It is my belief that knowledge and skill and mastery of this can be gained and one can use the skill to work on for companies like Upwork, Fiver as a freelance developer and can also use the knowledge to come up with creative solutions that solve problems and can be turned into useful businesses.

It is my hope that more young people will take the opportunity to learn this skill and become self-employed, innovative business persons, or build a career on the data science path.

It is worth noting that on the part of government (federal government of Nigeria) an enabling environment is being created to encourage the flourishing and thriving of innovators and young people on the quest for knowledge of python. The Wational Center for Artificial intelligence and robotics in Abuja is organizing a program for training young people funded by NITDA (National agency for Information technology Development) and alot of young people are benefiting from the knowledge and good environment. This is highly welcome and commendable. You can visit their social media platforms to get updated information on the numerous opportunities that the agency provides.

In the mean time, We at avian appreciate this efforts and encourage young people to take up careers in the tech sector from application development for both mobile, web and desktop to a range of other opportunities that abound to become fully engaged and make the most of the times.

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