FrontEnd Developers
React.js is a Javascript framework that is used by frontend developers to simplify the process of designing the frontend of websites, mobile and web applications. Front end engineers are required to sometimes have degrees in computer science, although some employers may not require a degree but would require knowledge and skill of how to use this technology. While many Nigerian developers are doing well, remote work seems to be the standard for knowledge workers who are skilled in technology as their services are required by international companies who most times pays more than the ones that are locally obtainable. Even Nigerian banks - some of the most highly sought out employers of tech workers and the growing list of unicorn in the tech industry tend to look for skilled talent among the growing number of frontend developers. The market for frontend developers is highly lucrative and the opportunities abound for young people who want to build a career in these sectors. A front end developer can work with 4-5 jobs remotely at the same time (Depending on how he is able to manage his time) and can be employed by companies in the US, UK, Australia and Europe. The key is consistency. Working on projects like this help to build your skills and one has to be on his feet to catch up with the new innovations that are constantly coming up to the fore. For building capacity, one can learn from Udemy, Coursera, Stanford Youtube Channel and a whole lot of web resources out there dedicated to capacity building of young software engineers For me, what is key is having the enabling environment and being surrounded by a community of developers who are like minded and working towards growing their skills and capacities. And this is what NITDA has done under the leadership of the Director General Inuwa Kashifu by setting up the beautiful facility at the National Center for Artifical Intelligence and Robotics in Wuye, Abuja where there is constant training of young people in the areas of programming and software engineering. With the envrionment in place, the only thing required for young people is determination and consistency and a fiery desire to make the most of the opportunity to become developers, software engineers, etc.

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