From CEO/Founder

In our gradual growth as a business of 3 years, seeing where we are coming from and how far we have come, we are truly thankful for the journey so far. Like every journey, we have had times of upward rise and times of descent. Times of speed and times of slowness. This quality we have began to recognize as we grown as business.

Avian recognizes that even in our business cycle, we have had to encounter seasons of superlative abundance and seasons of famine. This is characteristic of businesses ans even nations.

The business environment, just as nature goes through changes and sometimes, these environmental changes in the business environemt can have positive impact or negative impact on the business.

But we remain thankful and committed. The second quarter of the year commenced in July and Avian Technologies is looking positively and hopefully towards the future.

As CEO a large part of our business depends on my decisions and choices. Personally, I am committed to seeing that software projects for clients are streamlined and planned and properly funded to ensure quality outputs and results and increase the credibility and respectability of our brand. This means more respect for legal and contract agreements with clients and truthful realistic reporting .

Avian is poised then ever before to achieve greatness and impact in the business space by creating value for our customers and clients using technology to enable and drive businesses objectives.