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our vision

Avian technologies is an ICT based startup in Nigeria, located in the city of Abuja, North Central Nigeria to cater to the needs of government and private sector businesses in harnessing and utilizing information and communications technologies to deliver value such as cost savings and efficient operations inline with organizational objectives.
Avian aims to be a world class IT firm adopting the best and latest technologies and practices in delivering value to clients.

Core Areas

Website Design Services
Training and E-Learning Portal
Online Store
App Development
Health, Education, and Agric Management Information Systems
  • Full-stack Web development
  • 3 years and Fast growing
  • 20+ Completed Projects
  • Based in Abuja, North Central Nigeria
  • Other Details…

Our Service

What are your products and services?

Avian Technologies is primarily a full-stack  software solutions service provider. We design and implement and deploy high quality software solutions for clients on different platforms (web, mobile or desktop)

Our services sectors cut across health, education, agriculture and scientific sectors. We also maintain, train and manage these solutions for our clients. These softwares are targeted at maximizing the benefit of information technology.

Our E-learning Platform maximizes the value that our clients acquires from technology, leadership and personal development.
It also delivers high quality content to our clients in an organized system. We also help schools, and other educational institutions maximize the benefits of e-learning. this prevents non-structured learning thereby enhancing the understanding and value that our clients receive from our learning platforms.

Our online store enables clients to make orders, reducing the time to meet and negotiate and increases the speed of delivery of websites solutions. This simplifies the process and frees up the time for the client to focus on other activities.

Our Website design services assures our customs of additional marketing outlet helping our clients to be visible on the internet
This allows our customers to receive payments directly into their bank accounts thereby monetizing their businesses.
in addition, our website design services also enhances the public image and awareness of our customers, positioning them as a world class and leading business

What other services does the Avian software solutions service provide?

1.Avian Training Labs

This is a complete e-learning solution that carries a variety of courses and topics by respected trainers on specialized  topics. Avian training labs empowers the students, professionals and other employees with the knowledge and skills that they need in order to perform at their best.
Some of our courses are FREE and others are FULLY PAID with certificates. Participants can also pay online or through checks before being granted access to continue with the courses.

2. Avian Online store

Our online store is a complete e-commerce solution that makes it possible for our clients to purchase our simple products and place orders online regardless of their location. These are one of numerous access points of our customers and clients to avian technologies. Other access points include, our physical office, our our branch office and our email and social media platforms and finally our telephones.

3. Avian Website Design Services:

Avian technologies Website design services helps actualize the goals of clients. for example, Avian Digital marketing helps create and perpetuate the image of organisations so that their product can find their way into the homes of their customers and give them the benefit that it offers. This includes social media administration and Search Engine Optimization and marketing.

We also deploy enterprise resource planning solutions that enables our customers, suppliers and other partners to share data and resources remotely thereby cutting costs and improving speed of service delivery This is applicable to all departments of an organisation including marketing, logistics, projects etc. Marketers for example can remotely present their reports and receive payments.

Avian has implemented many internal mechanisms to ensure best practices as an organisation.

How can I place an order to begin enjoing services and products immediately?

Visit store to place an order. From time to time, our solutions and services change. Between of April-May 2021 where our websites are slashed at 50,000.00, 100,000.00 and 150,000.00  for small business and companies of not more than 50 employees.

In addition, we are offered Free hosting, 1 year paid hosting and 3 years fully paid hosting for each of the plans respectively.

Thirdly, the duration of execution of the project is 2 weeks, 4 weeks and 6 weeks respectively depending on the conclusion with the clients on the availability of contents and resources to develop the solution.

Fourthly,  clients will have the option of paying via cash, credit card or monthly payment

How can I cantact Avian for Immediate solutions

There are various methods that you can employ to being to benefit immediately from our services and solutions either as marketers, clients, customers, or even employees.

for clients, once you are satisfied with our product offerings, you can go ahead immeidately and sign our two forms Or our shops and check out immediately making payment with your credit card.

Alternatively, our may also send an email with a cheque for the relevant product together with your address specifiying the type of solution you would like.

Finally you can visit us at our Head Office, at No.1 , Nibo street, Garki 2, Abuja . For more detials visit the contact us page below.

Benefits of Avian Technologies website design services and the features?

1. Fast
2. High quality
3. Top graphics
4. Fully functional
5. High detail orientation
6. Using Latest Release of WordPress, PHP 8.0, and MySQL to deliver high speed, dynamic content.
7. Use of High Quality Themes and Plugins from reliable sources to ensure security and functionality.
8. SSL to ensure high quality e-commerce and online payments.
9. Deliver within 2-4 weeks once your content and assets (videos, pictures, documents and graphic)s are available
10. 3 months Customer technical support via Chat, Email or Phone Call.

Meet our team

The Avian Executive team is lead by Mr Damian Maro (bsc, Msc) as Executive Chairman and assisted on the board by three other personel.
Damian Maro
Founder and Executive director. and Chief Software Developer

Damian Maro


Olamide Amao
Legal Advisor

Olamide Amao

Legal Adviser

Joseph Ago
The Lead for CSR projects and other social entreprenuership activities by avian technologies.

Joseph Ago

Social Entreprenuership and CSR lead

Fatima A Mohammed
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Fatima A Mohammed


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