FAQ Page

What problem does Avian startup address?

Nigeria is constantly challenged with poverty, unemployment and insecurity in the 21st century. While these are socio economic in nature, technology has proven to be the enabler in advanced economies driving the knowledge economy. This means that by innovating, Nigeria can be raised up given the right Infrastructure to compete with the globe and software technology can provide an equal playing field.

Avian Technologies therefore seeks to harness the power of software technology to solve problems facing human societies such as Nigeria by leveraging the potential of digital Technologies to solve problems and create opportunities.

What's the vision and mission

To be a world class and leading software solutions company by creating and deploying innovative digital software solutions that solve problems and create digital and computationals solutions to human problems

What is Avians Unique Value Proposition

Avian is constantly innovating and our commitment to continuous learning and research gives us an edge that means we are always at the cutting edge of innovation that helps us adopt the best technology. We also bring a very human side to our work as we respect human dignity in what we do.

Avian technologies marketing helps create and perpertualte the image of organisations so that their product can find their way into the homes of their customers and give them the benefit that it offers.

Avian training labs empowers the students, professionals and other employees with the knowledge and skills that they need in order to perform at their best.

Avian Order fulfilment Team(Operations: Core website engineering and design) mission is that we strive each day to provide our customers with fast, accurate and safe delivery of their products in order to safeguard our organisations reputation as the leading website design company in abuja and to fooster the success of our clients and customers in their own eandevors.

Mention recent significant milestones

Built an hospital Management system


Built and deployed elearning platform for a university

Built and deployed a real estate solution for a client

Harnessed ERP, CRM and Inventory management systems to aid operations and performance

What current business models is adopted?

Business to business

Subscription model

Contract/One off payment (Custom software development)